New self-help guide: Family Violence Restraining Orders

The Interim FVRO self-help guide has been updated and is now available directly through the Legal Aid WA website.

The self-help guide has practical tips about safety planning, who can apply for an FVRO, filling in the application form, going to court, the first hearing, and what to do after an application is made.

It includes checklists and videos with useful tips from experienced practitioners and a magistrate, as well as a demonstration of what the first hearing before a magistrate might involve.

The previous version of the guide was part of the separate Community Online Resource Essentials (CORE) platform. The updated version is now available in the main Legal Aid WA website. Users no longer need to register or login to use the guide.

You can find the guide in RESOURCES > Self-help kits and guides, or by using this direct link: Interim FVRO self-help guide.


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