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When Separating logoMaking arrangements about your children and finances during and after separation can be challenging. There are many things to consider for your children, such as where will they live, who they will spend time with and what will happen on special days such as birthdays. Sorting out your finances can also be challenging.

This information will help you learn about some of the agencies and resources that can assist in working out arrangements with your former spouse or partner after separation.

  • Legal Aid WA - Support for separating parents
    This infosheet is for parents or couples who are separating and need help to sort out the arrangements for raising their children.

  • When Separating - Making arrangements for your child
    Information about how to make arrangements for children following separation, and different ways to record an agreement in writing.

  • When Separating - How to use a family lawyer
    Getting legal advice does not mean having to go to court. Find out more about getting legal advice and hiring a lawyer for family law problems.

  • When Separating - How to prepare for a meeting with a family lawyer
    A guide about what to do before going to a lawyer and what to take with you.

    amica is a secure online platform that empowers amicable separating couples. It is funded by the Australian Government. You can use amica to make arrangements about parenting, divide your money and property fairly (amica’s smart technology can make fair suggestions for you), and create simple, clear written agreements to keep a record what you have agreed. amica has very low-costs, and is free if one of you is on an income support benefit.

  • Family Relationships Online - Family Relationship Centres
    Information about the services and locations of Family Relationship Centres throughout Australia, to support separating families work out arrangements for their children, including through FDR conferences.

  • Family Relationships Online - Family mediation and dispute resolution
    Mediation is a way of resolving disputes between people in conflict, usually facilitated by a neutral person. Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a special type of mediation for helping separating families to come to their own agreements, instead of using the family law courts. This website introduces mediation and FDR, and explains more about the process and how it fits within the family law system. A factsheet on Family Dispute Resolution is also available.

  • Community Legal Centres in WA
    These organisations may be able to provide you with assistance, advice or information about family law disputes and how to reach an agreement over arrangements for your children.

  • Family Court of WA - Consent Orders
    Consent Orders are a formal way of recording your agreement and can be used for both property and children's arrangements. This page explains what you need to do to have your agreement made into Consent Orders that can be enforced by the Family Court.


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