Conflicts and communication - When Separating

When Separating logoHaving to agree on decisions about your children or finances is not always easy, whether it is before, during or after separation.

It is even harder if communicating with the other person is difficult or leads to increased tension, conflict and emotions.

Here you will find some resources and programs that may help you develop new ways to interact effectively with your former spouse or partner. There are many other places to get help accessing information, counselling and support about family law problems, parenting, relationships and separation.

  • Centrecare - Ten Top Tips when resolving conflict
    A useful guide about how to respond to disagreements ways that are more likely to help find a solution.

  • Anglicare WA - Mums and Dads Forever
    A program to help separating families resolve their relationship and communication difficulties. The program focuses on reducing conflict, improving communication, and promoting the best interests of children. It involves separate group counselling sessions, as well as up to four individual sessions for each parent.

  • MensLine Australia - Relationship Advice for Men
    Information about how to improve relationships, with specific topics on talking, a communication toolkit and managing conflict.


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