Keeping safe - Interim FVROs

Logo for FRVO self-help guideThis section has information and practical tips about safety planning.

The safety of you and your children is the most important thing. If you are thinking about separating or taking legal action because of family violence, it is important to plan carefully and consider your safety.

Video: Planning for your safety is very important.

A Family Violence Restraining Order is one tool that might help keep you safe from family violence. Before you apply for an FVRO you should think about whether:

  • having an FVRO will actually help improve your safety
  • there are already court orders or bail conditions that may help keep you safe, and
  • you can apply for court orders in existing child protection or parenting orders cases to help make you and your children safe.
Always put your safety first

If you or your children are in immediate danger:


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