Before you put in your application - Interim FVROs

Logo for FRVO self-help guideAt some courts you may be able to have your first hearing on the same date you file your FVRO application if you elect for the Respondent not to be present.

Before you lodge your application you should check with the court to find out if your interim application will be heard that same day, or on another day.

There are some steps you can take to prepare for the first hearing.

Bringing a support person

Restraining order applications are heard in closed court.

This means members of the public cannot come into the courtroom during the hearing. You are allowed to bring one or more support persons with you. They need to be approved by the court and should not be a witness in your case.

Try to find a support person who isn't too closely connected to what has happened. The family violence support service at court, or your local community legal centre or another legal service provider, may be able to provide someone to help support you during the hearing. 

Video: Having support people

Please note: the videos here refer to when you could only have one support person. Now you may be allowed to have more than one support person.

Sort out child care and parking 

You need to organise someone to look after your children when you come to court. Some Magistrates don’t allow children to come into the courtroom and courts do not have child care facilities.

You should be prepared to be at court for much of the day, even if you filed your application early in the morning. It is best if you don't need to leave the court to move your car or buy more time for parking.

Video: Getting ready for your first hearing


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