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Our Domestic Violence Legal Unit (DVLU) provides legal services to women, children and men in same sex relationships impacted by family and domestic violence. We provide legal advice by telephone, lodge FVRO applications electronically (online), provide court representation through our Duty Lawyer Service and provide representation for shuttle conference listings.

There is a duty lawyer from DVLU available at Perth Magistrates Court each morning. The duty lawyer can assist people seeking FVRO by providing legal advice and representation. The duty lawyer can also assist people returning to court on an active FVRO case, by providing advice and exploring a safe resolution.

DVLU also provides a duty lawyer service at Joondalup Magistrates Court on alternate Tuesdays to assist FVRO applicants if an objection to the interim FVRO has been lodged with the court and the case returns for a directions hearing.

If you have an FVRO matter in a court location other than Perth, see if your local Legal Aid WA office provides assistance with FVRO applications, including duty lawyer services.

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Details about some of the counselling, information and support services for women, men and children in situations of family violence is available if you want to get help with family violence and your safety.

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Family Violence Law Help

A national website for people wanting to understand domestic and family violence, the law and where to get help.


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