About this guide - Criminal trials

Legal team

Hon Lee JonesThe Honourable Lee Jones
Retired Magistrate

Lee was appointed as a Magistrate in WA in 2005. He retired in 2012. Before becoming a Magistrate, he worked as a defence lawyer for the Aboriginal Legal Service of WA and for Legal Aid WA.

Kon ChristouKon Christou
Lawyer, Legal Aid WA

Kon worked in private practice for 25 years before taking up his current position at Legal Aid WA in the Criminal Law Division. Kon has conducted many criminal law trials in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts.

Helen DeBritoHelen DeBrito
Lawyer, Legal Aid WA

Helen is a senior lawyer who specialises in providing training to other lawyers. She has extensive practical experience in the Magistrates Court and has spent many years helping junior lawyers learn how to run trials.

Emma ZillessenEmma Zillessen
Lawyer, Legal Aid WA

Emma has worked at Legal Aid WA since 2006 and is currently a lawyer on the Appeals Team in the Criminal Law Division. Emma has conducted many criminal trials.



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