Criminal appeals and confiscations

Criminal appeals against conviction or sentence

Criminal appeals from Magistrates Court decisions Criminal appeals from District or Supreme Court decisions

These kits are a guide if you want to appeal against a decision relating to your conviction or the sentence imposed for a criminal charge (or both). They have information about how much time you have to start your appeal, what you will need to do, and copies of the forms you will need to fill in and lodge with the court.

There are separate kits for appeals from:

Objecting to confiscation under the Criminal Property Confiscation Act

Objecting to Criminal Property Confiscation - Information Objecting to Criminal Property Confiscation - Forms

This two-part kit explains what to do if you have been served with a freezing notice or freezing order under the Criminal Property Confiscation Act and want to object to your property being confiscated.

It is an introductory guide only. If you have receiving a freezing notice or order, you should get legal advice about your situation as soon as possible.


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