Making a claim on my insurance - Car crashes

car crash self-help guide logoRing your insurer to get a claim form. You may be able to make an online claim. 

Do this as soon as possible.

No claim bonus

In most cases, you will have to pay the policy excess when you make a claim against your insurance. If you are unsure of how much your excess is, you can check your policy or contact your insurer.

Insurance excess
What if I can’t pay my excess?

If you can’t pay your excess because you are in financial difficulty, you can write a letter to your insurer:

  • asking to have the excess deducted from the claim to be paid to you, or
  • offering to pay the excess in instalments.

If the insurer refuses your request, you can make a complaint to the insurer through its internal dispute resolution process. If this is unsuccessful and you are still in dispute, you can go to the free independent Australian Financial Complaints Authority or get legal advice.


Do not drop your claim just because you cannot pay the excess.


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