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Justin Stevenson
Former Director of Civil Law Division, Legal Aid WA

Justin has previously specialised in criminal injuries compensation, anti-discrimination law and employment law matters. He has extensive experience in managing the delivery of civil law legal assistance in both Queensland and Western Australia.

Greg Boland
Former Managing Solicitor, Civil Law Division, Legal Aid WA

Since being admitted in 1980, Greg has practiced extensively in civil, criminal, and family law.  When working at Legal Aid WA he carried out a wide range of civil work.

Alison Pidgeon
Lawyer, Civil Law Division, Legal Aid WA

Alison practices in a wide variety of civil law matters including consumer law, credit and debt, civil judgment enforcement and social security law.  

Caitlin Searle
Lawyer, previously Civil Law Division and Regions, Legal Aid WA

Caitlin specialises in the holistic provision of legal advice and services to clients with civil law issues who are vulnerable and at risk of social exclusion.  She has experience in the areas of mortgagee possession applications, debts, elder financial abuse, guardianship and administration and housing/tenancy.

Shane Riebeling
Lawyer, Social Inclusion Program, Legal Aid WA

Shane has gained extensive knowledge and experience of a range of civil law practice areas while working at Legal Aid WA.  He has assisted many clients involved in car crashes achieve positive outcomes with insurers and other drivers.

Anna O'Connor
Lawyer, Early Intervention Services, Legal Aid WA

Anna has experience with motor vehicle accident litigation in private practice, before working at Victoria Legal Aid and Legal Aid WA in a range of practice areas including civil law.

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