R U Legal?

R U Legal? is a program of free community legal education sessions and resources for young people between 10 and 18 years old. It has been developed by Legal Aid WA to provide young people with information about the criminal justice system and the laws that affect them.

Sessions are presented from the perspective of our criminal lawyers and use real-life examples to show legal consequences to young people. We deliver R U Legal? education sessions to school students, teachers and community groups across WA. We also have new sessions for school parents and carers.

You can ask for a booking using the form at the end of this page if you would like Legal Aid WA come and present sessions using R U Legal?

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Sessions for young people

We can present to whole year groups in one session, or work in smaller size class groups. Sessions usually go for around one hour, or one school period.

All of our sessions for young people include information on these general topics:

  • the role of Legal Aid WA in the community
  • the age of criminal responsibility
  • common ways that young people get into trouble with the law
  • consequences of breaking the law
  • your rights when dealing with the police, and
  • where to get help.

We can also focus on one or more of the following topics in the session:

  • cyberbullying and identity theft
  • school fights and filming 
  • intimate images, sexting and image-based abuse
  • sex and consent, and
  • Leavers and parties - covers issues relating to drugs, alcohol, driving, and sex and consent.
Suggested programs

We tailor sessions to meet the age and needs of the students who attend. We generally find that the following age groups and topics work well together.

  • Primary school (Years 5 - 6): cyberbullying and identity theft, with a brief discussion about intimate images.

  • Middle school (Years 7 - 9): cyberbullying, school fights, intimate images, sexing and image-based abuse.

  • Senior school (Years 10-12): school fights, intimate images, sexting and image-based abuse, sex and consent, Leavers and parties.

We often present on other topics, including being a lawyer or the criminal justice system. If you would like a presentation on a specific topic outside of the R U Legal? program, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Sessions for school parents

These sessions are designed to take parents through the key messages covered in our R U Legal? program, so they can support their children navigate the challenges of our digital world.

Parent sessions can be delivered as a stand alone program, or in addition to the student sessions. Parent sessions are usually held during the last period of the school day or immediately after the end of school. Students are welcome and encouraged to come with their parents.

R U Legal? Parent fact sheet

We find parent sessions have the most benefit when they are run after the student sessions, as this supports parents to continue the discussion at home and answer questions that their children may have.

We have created a fact sheet to help parents talk about these topics with children at home.

Parent sessions cover these topics from R U Legal?

  • the age of criminal responsibility
  • intimate images, sexting and image-based abuse
  • cyberbullying
  • school fights
  • legal consequences for young people, and
  • where to get help.

Where can I find more information about the topics in R U Legal?

We have pages on the following topics in Find legal answers:

How can I book a presenter to come out to my school or group?

Please complete the enquiry form below and we will contact you to book a presenter for your group. Alternatively, you can email cle@legalaid.wa.gov.au with details of:

  • the school year levels and expected number of students who will be attending, and
  • a couple of your preferred dates and times for sessions.

We will then contact you to confirm the booking.

You can also download a flyer to promote R U Legal? sessions at your school.

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