Welcome to International Pride Month!

Pride Month Banner with Pride flag and people dressed in Pride colours in background


Welcome to International Pride Month!

On 28 June 1969 the LGBTIQA+ community protested against police raids at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. It was marked as a key moment in the liberation of the queer community and is why we celebrate Pride month internationally in June.

To kick off Pride Month, we thought we would point the community in the direction of some of our queer and ally friendly resources. Developed in conjunction with the Youth Pride Network, they are a great resource if you or someone you know needs information, help or support.

As an organisation, we passionately support the right of people to affirm and celebrate their sexual orientation and gender diversity as they choose, without being subjected to discrimination or harassment as a result. Whether an ally or part of the LGBTIQA+ community, our info-sheet on International Human Rights is a great tool for understanding your obligations and rights when it comes to discrimination.

As an ally, it is important to understand the best language to use when supporting someone from the queer community. Our LGBTIQA+ Terms resource has been created with these challenges in mind.

As we celebrate our LGBTIQA+ friends, colleagues and community this International Pride Month, we are excited to share our resources for the community, as proud allies.


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