Office Wellness - Mental Health


At Legal Aid WA, we are committed to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. Thanks to our dedicated Wellness Team, we have several evidence-based initiatives happening across the organisation to promote health and happiness!

Over the last few months, we have had several offices, both metropolitan and regional, participating in Wellness Days, with yoga, mindfulness activities and therapy dogs available. These regular events help to reduce stress levels and increase positivity and productivity.

Our teams hold regular ‘check in’ activities, which help to gauge how staff are travelling, and build in extra support when and if it is needed. These activities are often a source of fun and can lead to some great conversations between team members. Our official Check-in Guide will be launched early September, as well as a desktop check in flip-chart, to help encourage conversations among teams.

As well as our Wellness initiatives, we also pride ourselves on being a workplace that promotes positive work/life balance, and support team members with family or study commitments. We offer flexibility to staff using flexitime, purchased leave arrangements, and remote working rosters, and work with every team member individually to ensure they have a positive work/life balance. We also have dedicated family rooms at our metropolitan office to ensure a family friendly work environment.

We offer regular training to staff to support their mental health and wellness. Our next training sessions will focus on Positive Psychology and Psychological Flexibility. Our Employee Assistance Program is also available to all staff, giving them access to free and confidential help and support should they need it.


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