New FVRO shuttle conferences

A new approach to resolving family violence restraining order (FVRO) cases is being piloted at Perth Magistrates Court. Applicants and respondents can attend a shuttle conference at court to try and reach an agreement about their case. A conference will only take place if both the applicant and respondent agree to attend.

At a shuttle conference the applicant and respondent are each in separate rooms in different locations in the court building and do not see each other during the conference. A court person called a registrar runs the conference. The registrar will move back and forth between the room of the applicant and the room of the respondent. The registrar is independent. This means they are not on the side of the applicant or the respondent. Their role is to help the applicant and respondent to try and reach an agreement. Registrars are very experienced in helping people explore ways to try and resolve their disputes.

By going to a conference and working with the registrar the applicant and respondent have a chance to:

  • explore options to make an agreement about the FVRO that suits their situation, and
  • get the best possible outcome.

Reaching an agreement at a conference means the case will not need to go to court for a final order hearing avoiding stress and cost. It can also sort out disputes about the FVRO more quickly than waiting for a final order hearing.

Later in the year FVRO shuttle conferences will also be available at Joondalup and Fremantle Courts.

Free legal advice and representation is available for both parties at a conference. Click here for more information about conferences 


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