Blurred Borders - A new legal communication resource

Blurred Borders logo with agencies

Blurred Borders is a collaborative Commonwealth-funded multi-agency project being led by Legal Aid WA. Focusing on the East Kimberley WA and western Northern Territory cross-border region, Legal Aid WA has developed a range of client communication resources, using visual art, plain language and storytelling, to help explain key legal concepts around bail, criminal process and family violence. 

The Blurred Borders resources help people to: 

  • better understand legal concepts
  • communicate more effectively about the law
  • make informed legal choices, and
  • actively participate in legal processes.

The Resource Kits for the Blurred Borders project were officially unveiled at the project's launch in Kununurra on 19 July 2018.

You can find out more about the project and Blurred Borders resources in the RESOURCES section of this website.


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