amica - Smart, simple separation

amica is a secure online tool that helps separating couples reach amicable agreements about parenting and property.

amica was created by National Legal Aid and Australian’s Legal Aid Commissions, including Legal Aid Western Australia. It was designed and tested using feedback from everyday Australians who have been through family law disputes. amica can be used by a broad cross-section of people who require family law information and assistance.

It guides people through a step-by-step process and offers information and support along the way to help them reach agreements about parenting issues and property settlement.

Until 1 January 2021, couples can use the amica service for free.

Parenting and property disputes

If you have children, amica can help you work out parenting arrangements that suit your family. 

If you need to divide your assets, amica’s artificial intelligence can help. amica provides a suggested split of assets after the AI takes into account:

  • your assets and circumstances,
  • agreements commonly reached by other couples in similar situations, and
  • how courts generally handle disputes of this nature.

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