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  1.  Access to the Resources for Lawyers available through the Legal Aid WA website is for not-for-profit organisations providing free or low-cost legal services to low income earners.

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    • provide legal services to a client, or
    • use in training other staff at your organisation or firm.

  8.  While Legal Aid WA aims to maintain the accuracy and currency of the Resources for Lawyers to the best of our capacity, we do not accept any responsibility or liability arising from the use of the Resources for Lawyers.

  9.  You will notify our Legal Practice Development division of any information in the Resources for Lawyers that is inaccurate or out-of-date.

  10.  By using the Resources for Lawyers, you agree to indemnify Legal Aid WA from any claims linked to the use of the Resources for Lawyers.

  11.  You will change your password at least once a year (or whenever we ask you to).

  12.  You will contact us if you no longer provide legal services within the scope of these terms of use (see 1. above) and ask us to deactivate your user account.


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