DR Chairperson (Property Settlement) List members

This page has the names of the private practitioners who are members of the Dispute Resolution Chairperson (Property Settlement) List, shown alphabetically by surname.

  • William ALLEN
  • Shannon BODEKER
  • Jacqueline BROWN
  • Debbie CLINCH
  • Andrew DAVIES
  • Mark DAVIES
  • Breanna DEAKES
  • Laura DE MAIO
  • Kerrie HARMS
  • Benn HILL
  • Meredith HUNTER
  • Gary MACK
  • Lee MATHER
  • Henry MOSER
  • Alison MULLER
  • Christopher PHILLIPS
  • Ruth READER
  • Moira TAYLOR
  • Lucy THOMAS
  • Annelie VAN ZYL

Revised: 20 July 2021


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