Crime - CCC Panel members

This page has the names of the private lawyers who are members of the Crime -  Corruption and Crime Commission Panel, shown alphabetically by surname.

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  • Peter ASH
  • Vesna AMIDZIC
  • Neville BARBER
  • Kevin BURGOYNE
  • Patti CHONG
  • Glenn CRIDLAND
  • Jonathan DAVIES
  • Shay DUCE
  • Vasilios EVANGEL
  • Simon FREITAG SC
  • George GIUDICE
  • Robert GRAYDEN
  • Edward GREAVES
  • John HAMMOND
  • Robert C. M. HOFMANN
  • Bruno ILLARI
  • Darren JONES
  • David JONES
  • Samuel JOYCE
  • Asma KHAN
  • David MANERA
  • Andrew MONISSE
  • Alexander MOSSOP
  • Sarah OLIVER
  • Thomas PERCY QC
  • Ken ROBSON
  • Elizabeth ROCHE
  • Marc SAUPIN
  • Michael TUDORI
  • Philip VINCENT
  • Simon WATTERS
  • Richard YATES


Reviewed: 21 April 2021


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