CPD memberships and course prices

Lawyers who enrol in our CPD online courses and in-person events on Train-N-Track, including our Summer Series, can:

  • pay a flat rate for each CPD point offered, or
  • purchase a CPD membership to get unlimited access to our courses and events for the CPD year.

We offer discounts to lawyers working in the CLC and not-for-profit sector, government legal departments, regional WA, under grants of aid, and our pro-bono partners.

Our current membership categories and course prices for the CPD year ending 31 March are below.

Prices for Legal Aid WA CPD memberships and courses


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If you have questions about how to pay for a CPD course or event, or want to check if you are eligible for a discount, please email tnt.admin@legalaid.wa.gov.au

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