Resources for children - When Separating

When Separating logoComing to terms with change and the emotional impact of separation has can be extremely difficult and confusing for children.

Here are some useful resources that can help children understand how they are feeling, and ways they can process and express their emotions.

More information about organisations that can offer support and counselling services for children is available in Where to get help.

  • Family Relationships Online - Questions & Answers about separation for children
    Looks at the most common questions that children might have when their parents separate. It tries to answer these questions in a way that a young child can understand.

  • Anglicare WA - Supporting Children After Separation
    A program run by Anglicare WA, for children experiencing issues with difficult family relationships because of separation. It involves up to four individual counselling sessions, with the option to then be part of age‑appropriate group counselling. The program helps children and young people adjust to the changes caused by separation, identify and express how they are feeling, improve their family relationships, and gain the personal skills to help overcome challenges in their lives.

  • Kid's Health - When parents split up
    This webpage from the Women’s and Children’s Health Network of SA has useful information for children if their parents are separating. It talks about how children might feel and the questions they might have about how things will change after separation.

  • When Separating - Kids can talk to…
    Suggestions on who children can talk to about their parents and separation.


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