Parenting - When Separating

When Separating logoFamily separation can be challenging for everyone. Staying focused on the best interests of your children during this difficult time can be hard to do.

Listed below are some resources that might assist you in helping your children through this transition into a new family structure.

Contact us to find out what advice, information and help Legal Aid WA can give to help you make decisions about children following separation, including our Family Dispute Resolution service.

  • Relationships Australia - What about the Children?
    A booklet produced by Relationships Australia. It covers some of the issues and needs of children that parents need to consider during the separation process.

  • Family Relationships Online - Because it's for the Kids
    A booklet produced by Family Relationships Online. It offers support, advice and ideas to parents who have separated about helping children through their separation issues. 

  • Raising Children Network - Family diversity, single parents & blended families
    Articles, resources and videos to help with parenting after separation. It includes practical tips to help children adjust after separation, moving between two homes, suggestions if you are co-parenting with your former partner, and how to help children if you or your former partner start a new relationship after separation.

  • Ngala
    Information on a wide range of topics about children and parenting, from pregnancy to adulthood. Ngala provides Early Parenting and Early Childhood services for families with young children in Western Australia, including a statewide telephone service for people with questions about parenting or worries about their child. 

  • MensLine Australia - Parenting
    Tips and information for dads about children, parenting following separation and maintaining a relationship with your children if you live or work a long distance apart.


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