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When Separating logoIf you have separated from your spouse or partner, you may be wondering how you and your children will cope financially. The more information you have regarding your financial situation, the easier it will be to make decisions and manage your money. 

Here are some tools and resources that may help you to organise your money and property during separation.

    amica is a secure online platform that empowers amicable separating couples. It is funded by the Australian Government. You can use amica to make arrangements about parenting, divide your money and property fairly (amica’s smart technology can make fair suggestions for you), and create simple, clear written agreements to keep a record what you have agreed. amica has very low-costs, and is free if one of you is on an income support benefit.

  • ASIC MoneySmart - Separation and Divorce
    Includes information, checklists, calculators and budget planners which may help you plan and work out your finances after separation.

  • MoneySmart - Divorce and separation financial checklist

  • Financial Counsellors Association of WA
    Offer free, independent information, options and advocacy to help people develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to take control of their own financial situation.

  • When Separating - Property checklist for legal advice
    Designed to help you gather the documents and information you may need before you get legal advice about dividing your property after settlement.

  • When Separating - Table of assets and liabilities
    Use this table to get a good overview of your property and finances, so you can start to think of different options for a property settlement. 


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