Prisoners, parole and prison offences

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Prison offences

Prison Offences Kit Cover image

This information kit is designed to help you if you are charged with a prison offence.

It explains the different types of prison offences, how they are dealt with, and what can happen if you admit the offence or are convicted.


Parole Kit Cover photo

If you are a sentenced prisoner, you may be able to be released on parole to finish the end of your sentence in the community. This include prisoners serving short sentences of less than 12 months’ imprisonment.

This resource is to help you apply for parole, ask for a decision to be reviewed, or re-apply if your parole has been suspended, cancelled or refused.

It explains:

  • who is eligible to apply for parole
  • when you can apply
  • the role of the Prisoner’s Review Board
  • what things are taken into account, and
  • what happens if you don’t comply with the conditions of your parole.

Information for prisoners: Legal Aid WA services

Information for Prisoners cover image

This guide explains how to access Legal Aid WA's services and resources if you are in prison or custody, including:

  • the Infoline
  • the Prison Visiting Service
  • duty lawyers at court to help with criminal, family, or children's protection and care issues
  • advice and help with family violence
  • appointments for legal advice and assistance, and
  • applying for a grant of aid.

Prisoner Handbook

Prisoner Handbook cover photo

The Prisoner Handbook is to help you know your basic rights while in prison, and what resources are available to help deal with issues you may have.

It covers:

  • how you are processed and assessed when you first come into prison
  • transferring to other prisons
  • your basic rights and day-to-day living
  • mail, phone calls and visits
  • your health and medical care
  • powers of prison officers
  • making complaints about how you are treated in prison
  • rehabilitation, education and work programs
  • dealing with criminal charges, family law, protection and care issues, and other legal problems from prison, and
  • what things can happen after you are released.

Legal Aid WA provides copies of the Prisoner Handbook to prisons across WA. We do not provide paper copies of this resource to other people.

Get help from prison

We may be able to help with your legal problems when you are in prison. Call the Infoline to find out more.


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