Hardship variations - Mortgage stress

Mortgage stress logoIf you are struggling to meet repayments, a good starting point in many cases will be to apply for a hardship variation. You have a right to do this under the National Credit Code.

You can ask the lender to vary the loan contract to change your repayments if you have a good reason for being unable to meet your existing repayments. For example, you might be ill or unemployed.

You apply for a hardship variation by giving your lender a hardship notice.

You must be able to show that you will still be able to repay the loan if the hardship variation is granted. Otherwise, the lender may not agree to the change.

If you are not in arrears, but think you will be unable to repay your loan in the long term, you could also apply for a hardship variation to reduce your loan repayments while you take steps to sort out your finances or try to sell your home.

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