Getting started - Mortgage stress

Mortgage stress - an overview of your options

Mortgage stress logoSome of the definitions used in this guide

  • You are the borrower or mortgagor.
  • The word ‘lender’ is used in this guide to describe who you owe your loan repayments to (for example, your bank or credit union). The lender might also be called the ‘financial service provider’, ‘mortgagee’ or ‘credit provider’.
  • If the lender starts court proceedings against you, you are 'the defendant’ and the lender is 'the plaintiff’.
  • If judgment is entered against you, you are called 'the judgment debtor’ and the lender is 'the judgment creditor’.

Is my problem urgent?

If any of the following has happened, you need to act and get help immediately. Get started by clicking on the link for information about what to do.


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