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Logo for FRVO self-help guideYou are the best person to judge when and how you can keep yourself safe if you are experiencing family violence or abuse in a relationship. If you make the decision to leave the relationship, it is important to think of the safety steps you need to take for you and your children. 

This could be preparing a small bag of clothes with some spare money, keys and important documents or personal possessions. You should also think about who else you can tell, or need to tell, as part of your safety plan.

The video below talks about some of the practical things you can do as part of planning to safely leave a relationship.

Video: Practical tips on safety planning

Safety plan checklist

Checklists help you focus and get things done.

It can be difficult stay focused on safety when you are stressed or worried. Sometimes it's hard to remember all the things you need to do.

It is always important to plan carefully and think about your safety. 

Safety in the regions

If you live in a regional town, there are local agencies that can help you make a safety plan. You can watch the video to hear more tips about safety planning in regional areas.

Video: Safety planning in regional areas


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