Common questions - Car crashes

car crash self-help guide logoWhat if I don’t know the address of the other driver to send a letter of demand or to send court papers to?

If the crash was reported to WA Police and the police investigated the crash, you can request a Record of Crash Incident from the police. This may contain the names and addresses of drivers involved and car details if known to the police. A fee is payable for this record.

If you cannot serve court documents on the other driver personally, you may need to ask the court to let you serve them in different ways.

If I need to make a claim against a business or company how do I find out their correct name and address?

You can use the Australian Securities and Investments Commission website to find out the names and address for businesses and companies.

What if I am not kept informed about my insurance claim?

Under the General Insurance Code of Practice, once an insurer has all the relevant information and completed all enquiries, they must decide to accept or reject your claim within 10 business days. If the insurer needs more information or an assessment to decide your claim, the insurer must notify you within 10 business days of receiving the claim and explain:

  • What further information is needed
  • If a loss assessor needs to be appointed
  • The estimated time needed to make a decision.

The insurer must also keep you informed about the progress of your claim at least every 20 business days.

You can send a letter to your insurer requesting information about the progress on your claim. This is Stage One.

If you do not get a satisfactory response, you can take your complaint to Stage Two – Internal review. You will be provided with a response in writing from your insurer that  tells you their decision and reasons for making that decision

If you are not satisfied with the decision or if your complaint is not resolved within 30 days, you can complain to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. You do not have to pay to do this.

Should I pay the other driver’s insurance excess to settle the claim?

No, you won’t be settling the full claim. There may be no benefit for you in paying the excess. The insurer can still legally pursue you for the full cost of the claim.

Can I make a complaint about how my insurer has dealt with my claim?

If you have a complaint about how your insurance claim has been dealt with, you should first raise it with your insurer. Insurers should have an internal dispute resolution process in place. Read your policy papers carefully for information on your rights, options, and how to lodge a complaint.

If your complaint cannot be resolved contact the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. You do not have to pay to do this.


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