Grants Online

Legal Aid WA uses Grants Online to help manage grants of aid that are allocated to private practitioners.

Private practitioners on our panels and lists, can use Grants Online to do a range of things including:

  • submit applications for legal aid on behalf of clients
  • request extensions to grants of aid
  • check the progress of applications, and
  • lodge tax invoices for payment by Legal Aid WA.

You will need to request a username and password to access Grants Online. Access is given to lawyers on our panels and lists, as well as their administrative staff.

Login to Grants Online

Do I need to have access to Grants Online?

Every practitioner on our panels should have their own access to Grants Online. Firms can also ask for access to be given to administrative staff. Each person with access is given their own username and password to login to Grants Online.

You must not share your access with another person.

Your login details are used to identify who submitted an application or tax invoice for payment, which is important when your files are being assessed for merit, or audited at a later date.

Applications for legal aid made by a practitioner on behalf of a client, and claims for payment under a grant of aid, must be submitted through Grants Online.

How do I request access to Grants Online? 

Firms and sole practitioners wanting access to Grants Online for the first time should complete the Firm Activation Form. You can request access for multiple panel practitioners and admin staff using the one form.

To add or remove access for new or leaving employees, you need to complete the Grants Online Login Access Form. This form should also be used if you are moving to a different firm and wish to be able to access Grants Online at your new firm.

Each form includes instructions on emailing the completed form to Legal Aid WA.

You can ask for access to Grants Online when you apply to become a member of one of our panels. Your request form will be held, pending the outcome of your panel application. Alternatively, you can use these forms to ask for access to Grants Online after you have been accepted onto one of our panels.

What if my contact details have changed?

Please email to let us know your new contact details (phone number, postal address, email). The sender must use an email account with access to Grants Online.

Can admin staff submit an application for legal aid for a client?

Yes, applications for legal aid can be submitted by admin staff using their own login account. The Solicitor’s Declaration should only be completed by admin staff if a lawyer has checked the application and given instructions about its legal merit. Otherwise, the application should be submitted on the basis that ‘the legal merit of this application cannot be determined at this time’.

Because of the significance of the Solicitor's Declaration on legal merit, lawyers must not allow admin staff to submit applications for aid using the practitioner’s login details.

You can find out more about this in the User Guide for Grants Online.


Get help

The User Guide for Grants Online is available for lawyers and admin staff. There is also a Support section in the Grants Online application, with Help and FAQs. If you would like to know more about registering for or using Grants Online, please email

The Private Practitioner Manual also has information on using Grants Online to lodge and manage applications for grants of aid, including submitting claims for payment.

For technical support, including resetting expired usernames or passwords, email or call our Information Management Service Desk on (08) 9261 6345.



Reviewed: 17 April 2018

Login to Grants Online

Submit, view and manage applications for grants of aid.

Read our Private Practitioner Manual

All lawyers doing work on behalf of Legal Aid WA must comply with the Manual.


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