Continuing Professional Development

Legal Aid WA is approved by the Legal Practice Board to provide online and in-person CPD to the legal profession.

Our CPD courses and annual subscriptions are competitively priced. 

We offer discounts to lawyers working in the not-for-profit legal sector, government legal departments, regional WA, practices undertaking work under grants of aid, and to our pro-bono partners.

Professional development through Legal Aid WA is managed using Train-N-Track, our online training platform, where practitioners can:

  • enrol in our in-person training activities, including our annual Summer Series
  • complete courses online, including mandatory training for panel and list applicants
  • pay for Legal Aid WA events or courses, and
  • keep track of the CPD points we issue.

It is free to register for access to Train-N-Track. Once registered, you can view our full CPD catalogue, try some of our free modules, and enrol in our CPD courses and events.

Login to Train-N-Track

How much does Legal Aid WA charge for CPD points?

Legal Aid WA offers its employees free access to all our CPD training. Other lawyers who enrol in our online courses or attend in-person events, including our Summer Series, can:

  • pay for each course or event individually, per CPD point
  • purchase an annual membership package to get unlimited access to our training catalogue for that CPD year.

We offer discounts to lawyers working in the not-for-profit legal sector, government legal departments, regional WA, under grants of aid, and to our pro-bono partners.

View our current membership categories and prices for the CPD year ending 31 March.

Do I have to pay to use Train-N-Track?

It is free to register and login to Train-N-Track.  From there, you can:

  • view and search our training catalogue
  • access your pending, in progress or completed courses
  • view your training history and print CPD certificates, and
  • enrol in new courses and events.

You will only be asked to pay for training at the time you enrol in a new course or event.

How do I register for Train-N-Track?

legalaid train and track login

New users can register from the Train-N-Track login screen.

You must have a current practising certificate, provide a valid work email address, and will be asked to choose your employer or work arrangements from a list of options.

We use this information to make sure you are offered the correct price when you enrol in our CDP courses.


Get help

If you have any questions or comments about our CPD program, or need help using Train-N-Track, please email


Reviewed: 17 April 2018


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