Get help resolving family law disputes

Legal Aid WA has the following services to help people resolve family law disputes:

  • appointments for legal advice about making arrangements for children and child support
  • a secure digital service amica, to help people reach agreement about arrangements for children and dividing property following separation, and
  • our Dispute Resolution service, to help people resolve disagreements about children, parenting and property settlements.

Call Legal Aid WA’s Infoline for information on how to resolve your family law dispute. Please let us know if you need an interpreter.


amica is a secure digital service developed by National Legal Aid and Legal Aid Commissions, including Legal Aid WA.

If you have separated from your ex-partner and need to divide property, amica can help you reach an agreement using artificial intelligence. amica can also help you reach an agreement about arrangements for children following separation.

amica is suitable for separated couples who are reasonably amicable, and whose situation is not complex. 

Where else can I get legal help with my family law dispute?  

  • Family Relationships Online - Family Relationship Centres
    Family Relationship Centres support separating families work out arrangements for their children, including through Family Dispute Resolution conferences. There are Family Relationship Centres in the Perth metropolitan and regional areas. They also provide other separation services.

  • Family Relationships Advice Line - call 1800 050 321.

  • Centrecare WA
    A community service organisation that provides professional counselling, support, mediation and training service. Services are provided in Perth and to communities in WA’s Goldfields and South West regional areas.

  • You can use the Family Dispute Resolution Register to find a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Please note that private Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners usually charge a fee for their services. You should check their rates before you start.

  • Community Legal Centres and private practitioners may be able to provide legal advice and help you to negotiate with the other person.

  • You can search for a family lawyer on the Family Law Practitioners' Association of Western Australia website.   

  • Collaborative practice is a dispute resolution process where you, your former partner, your lawyers and others work together to resolve your disputes.  For more information or to find a collaborative lawyer in Western Australia, go to Collaborative Professionals WA.

Where can I get help with counselling?

Separation is an emotional and difficult time, and counselling can really help. You can get counselling from:


Reviewed: 15 April 2022

Need help?

The Infoline can give information about the law and our services to help with your legal problem.

Dispute Resolution at Legal Aid WA

We can help you work through family law problems without going to court, including arrangements for children and property settlements.


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