Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Front cover image of Legal Aid WA's Disability Access and Inclusion PlanOur Vision for Access and Inclusion

Legal Aid WA’s vision is to see equal opportunities and outcomes for all people in our Western Australian community, that everyone is treated fairly, and that the rights of people with disability are safeguarded. 

We recognise the importance of ongoing consultation with people with disability in ensuring that our services are accessible and effective.

Our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan captures actions from the State Disability Strategy, A Western Australia for Everyone 2020 - 2030 and is structured around the four pillars of this strategy.

Pillar 1.  Participate and Contribute

Legal Aid WA recognises the importance of all community members actively participating, contributing, and making choices about how they live their lives. 

Pillar 2. Inclusive Communities

An inclusive community creates a sense of connection and belonging by being naturally welcoming to everyone. It starts with having buildings and spaces designed to be accessible and friendly for everyone and built to include services and products which are universally designed so that they work well for everyone in the community. Inclusion is when all people have the opportunity to be involved and play an active role within their community.

Pillar 3. Living Well

Everyone has different needs throughout their lives. Living well is about having a safe place to call home at any stage of life. It is about having access to necessary services and supports. It is about making sure mainstream services like health and mental health services work for everyone.

Pillar 4. Rights and Equity

The right to dignity, equity and mutual respect are the foundations of a fair society. Everyone should be free to have a say and make decisions in their day-to-day lives


Our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2022-2027 is supported by a detailed Disability Action Plan, which sets out activities and measurements to track our performance against our objectives. 

The Disability Action Plan will be monitored and updated each year to check our progress against our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. 

Our internal committee tasked with guiding the organisational objectives includes people with lived experience of disability, whose personal and professional knowledge is drawn upon to monitor the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan and the Disability Action Plan.

The Disability Action Plan sets out the actions we will take each year to meet the key objectives, assigns responsibilities and time-frames for those actions, and identifies deliverables and other measures so we can track our progress.

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Reviewed: 28 February 2024

Easy Read: Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

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