Disability Legal WA

Logo for Disability Legal WA. Three coloured icons to represent people holding hands above the letters DLWA. Banner words Disability Legal WA, Advocating for youDisability Legal WA is part of Legal Aid WA.

Disability Legal WA is for people living with a disability who need assistance from Legal Aid WA.

Our role is to help people living with disabilities have the same access to justice as everyone else in the community. 


A disability can be anything that significantly impacts your ability to function. This includes physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health disabilities, and more.

Please contact us if you are a person with a disability who may need legal help. We can help you figure out what legal help you need, and will work with you to access that legal help. 

If you have a lot of legal matters happening at once, or you need a lot of support, Disability Legal WA can also assign you a support worker to help you with the process.

Please watch our video below to find out more.

Video: Disability Legal WA - Advocating for you.

Get help

You can contact Disability Legal WA by calling (08) 6392 6031 or emailing DisabilityLegalWA@legalaid.wa.gov.au



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