Corruption and Crime Commission investigations

Legal Aid WA provides legal assistance for current and former public officers involved in proceedings brought by the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) or the Parliamentary Inspector of the CCC.

This information will help you to understand what assistance we provide under a grant of aid in these CCC investigations. 

Find out:

  • what CCC proceedings qualify for a grant of aid
  • how to apply for a grant of aid for CCC matters
  • what help is available for investigations by the Public Sector Commission.

What CCC proceedings can qualify for a grant of aid?

You must be a current or former public officer, and the CCC or the Parliamentary Inspector of the CCC must have:

  • requested you attend an interview
  • served you with a notice to provide a statement of information
  • served you with a notice to provide documents or other things, or
  • served you with a summons to appear to give evidence.

The CCC investigates allegations of serious misconduct by serving or former WA public officers, including police officers and officers employed in local government. 

The Parliamentary Inspector of the CCC investigates allegations of misconduct by the CCC or its officers.

Am I a public officer?

The term ‘public officer’ is defined in section 1 of the Criminal Code (WA). 

Public officers include:

  • state government employees
  • police officers and employees
  • members of government boards or committees
  • members of parliament and government ministers
  • local government elected members and employees
  • all employees of public universities
  • employees of government trading enterprises, and
  • some volunteers.

The CCC has a fact sheet that sets out the full definition of a public officer.

How do I apply for a grant of aid?

You should apply for a grant of aid as soon as possible after you find out about the investigation. If you want to nominate a particular lawyer to represent you, they must be a member on our Crime - CCC Panel. There is a special application form for grants of aid relating to CCC investigations.  Copies of the form are available from:

  • Legal Aid WA
    Visit our Perth office or phone Lawyers Engagement Network - Grants on (08) 9261 6530

  • The Police Union
    639 Murray Street, West Perth or phone (08) 9321 2155

  • Community & Public Sector Union/Civil Service Association (CPSU/CSA)
    445 Hay Street, Perth or phone 1300 733 800

Completed applications can be submitted at our Perth office or sent by mail to:

Legal Aid WA
Lawyers Engagement Network - Grants
32 St Georges Terrace

What if my application is refused?

You have the same rights of reconsideration and review as anyone else applying for a grant of aid.  For more information, contact Lawyers Engagement Network - Grants n (08) 9261 6530.

What help is available for investigations by the Public Sector Commission?

The Public Sector Commission investigates allegations of minor misconduct by public officers. Legal Aid WA assistance is normally not available for these types of investigations. 

Your union may be able to help you if you are a member, or a private lawyer may be able to assist you.


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Reviewed: 26 April 2022


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