COVID-19: Legal information

There are a range of State and Commonwealth government emergency management rules and restrictions in place in Western Australia in response to the threat of COVID-19.

These rules impose restrictions on travel, gatherings and activities in the community, require the closure of some businesses and events and impose conditions on how some businesses may open and operate.

As it is a criminal offence to breach these rules, it is important to understand them and know what is allowed and what is prohibited.

Further, a range of legal problems have emerged following the roll-out of these measures, which you may need help with.

Legal Aid WA has created legal information to help you understand the COVID-19 rules and respond to some of the legal issues you may now be facing. 

For information about the new processes for applying online for a Family Violence Restraining Order (FVRO) or Violence Restraining Order (VRO) see:

For information about government restrictions and criminal and family law consequences see:

For information about other legal issues during COVID-19 see:

Find information about employment law issues here:

Find Government information about the rules and restrictions, as well as health advice, here:


Reviewed: 20 May 2020


The information displayed on this page is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. If you have a legal problem, you should see a lawyer. Legal Aid Western Australia aims to provide information that is accurate, however does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information provided on this page or incorporated into it by reference.