Separation and divorce

Separation is when you and your partner stop living together as a couple. It is usually the beginning of a process that ends the relationship. For married couples, a divorce marks the legal end of your marriage to each other after you have separated.

These pages have information about separation and divorce. They also explain what the law looks at when deciding if you are in a de facto relationship with someone.

Get help

Separating from your spouse or partner can be an emotionally difficult time. It is important for you, and your children, that you look after your emotional wellbeing. 

Legal Aid WA has developed When Separating, a set of resources for people experiencing relationship breakdown. It includes information about organisations that may be able to offer support and counselling assistance for you or your children during this difficult time. 

You can also get help from Legal Aid WA and other services if you need advice about making decisions for children or dividing property following separation.

When Separating

Videos, information, resources and referrals for couples and families going through separation or divorce.


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