Making decisions about children

If you are separating, there are things that you and your ex-partner will need to make decisions about if you have a child or children together. For example, the care arrangements for your child, where they will live and where they will go to school. 

You will also need to plan for how you and your ex-partner will communicate with each other and make decisions about your child as they grow. This could include decisions about your child’s education, health and activities.

For information on making decisions about COVID:19 vaccines for children see, Fact Sheet - COVID-19: Vaccinations for children.

If there has been family violence or abuse in your relationship it may not be safe for you to try to make joint decisions with your ex-partner and you should get legal advice about your situation.

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This section has information about separation and family law including explaining key legal concepts in plain English. Find out about:

  • the legal term “best interests of the child”
  • parenting plans and parenting orders, and
  • what happens in Family Court cases about children.


Reviewed: 31 March 2022


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