Quarterly service and finance reports

In 2018, the Commission resolved that Legal Aid WA would report at regular intervals on its performance. The Commission's view was that the once-a-year Annual Report was insufficient and that Legal Aid WA should report quarterly.

Western Australians have a right to clearly understand Legal Aid WA’s performance and so these reports will be publicly available on our website. We will produce these reports every quarter to provide updates on our services, outputs, financial position and priority projects. More regular release of information is consistent with broader moves across government to open data. We’re confident that more transparent information will contribute to better operational efficiency and improved engagement with stakeholders. 

It is taxpayers’ money that we use and we are an open and accountable organisation. Creating and distributing quarterly reports in this way will put Legal Aid WA at the forefront of openness and transparency in the Western Australian public sector. 

You can read the most recent quarterly report below and download copies of quarterly reports from the past two years.

infographic from current quarterly report

Priority project updates

New family violence service

In September, we launched our Family Violence and Cross-Examination of Parties Scheme. This new service protects victims from having to directly cross-examine, or be cross-examined by, perpetrators during Family Court hearings. Legal Aid WA will provide lawyers where the parties are self-represented and family violence is an issue. No longer will victims need to abandon their rights out of fear of having to directly confront their ex-partners.

Automated payments

In July, our Automated Payments innovation went live. This new system enables us to automatically pay a lawyer’s bill if it meets certain business rules. We’re now paying 60% of all law firm bills automatically. This frees up assessing staff from manual processing and gives them 20% more time to quickly determine applications for aid. Auto Payments pays law firm bills within 5 days and the cash flow helps to keep top lawyers doing legal aid work.

Services appropriate to people's needs

In August, the results of our client satisfaction survey became available. We survey clients every year to check that our services are appropriate, proportionate and tailored to people’s legal needs and level of capability. The survey questioned 420 clients who had received criminal law help. The survey found an overall satisfaction rating of 88%. Clients getting  grants of aid were 93% satisfied whilst duty lawyer clients registered a 88.5% satisfaction rating.

Increased online chats

In September, we enhanced our online legal chat service. Whenever someone is browsing our website for longer than 15 seconds, a banner now appears inviting them to chat. The enhancement has doubled Western Australians’ use of this service. We completed 987 online chats in July and August combined. With the banner invitation, we completed 1,025 chats in September alone.

Financial performance

At the end of September 2019, Legal Aid WA finished the first quarter with:

Year-to-date September 2019

Commonwealth funding:  $16,244,949

State funding:  $17,193,540

Other income:  $951,982

Total revenue:  $34,390,471

Total expenditure:  $24,278,847

Surplus*: $10,111,624


* The operating surplus of $10,111,624 at 30 September 2019 is due to the receipt of Commonwealth funding 6 months'
in advance; including the impact of applying the new Accounting Standards effective from 1 July 2019. These are management figures and subject to end of financial year audit.



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