Quarterly service and finance reports

In 2018, the Commission resolved that Legal Aid WA would report at regular intervals on its performance. The Commission's view was that the once-a-year Annual Report was insufficient and that Legal Aid WA should report quarterly.

Western Australians have a right to clearly understand Legal Aid WA’s performance and so these reports will be publicly available on our website. We will produce these reports every quarter to provide updates on our services, outputs, financial position and priority projects. More regular release of information is consistent with broader moves across government to open data. We’re confident that more transparent information will contribute to better operational efficiency and improved engagement with stakeholders. 

It is taxpayers’ money that we use and we are an open and accountable organisation. Creating and distributing quarterly reports in this way will put Legal Aid WA at the forefront of openness and transparency in the Western Australian public sector. 

You can read the most recent quarterly report below and download copies of quarterly reports from the past two years.

infographic from current quarterly report

Priority project updates

Assessing times reduced

Legal Aid WA is now consistently determining applications for aid, extension requests, reconsiderations, review and transfer requests within 28 days. Our assessing team has improved timeliness through a few innovations. These include a dedicated resource working on applications more than three weeks old; having triage staff process urgent grants; and new reporting to better manage workloads. Our speed in determining grants provides certainty to applicants and their lawyers. It also reduces the need for adjournments at court.

More legal information

Legal Aid WA is posting more than 30 new videos, fact sheets and animations on our website. Our website is now averaging more than 85,000 page views every month. It is the authoritative source of legal information for the WA community and an important preventative service. The new material posted this quarter has a focus on family law and criminal law issues. The next  tranche of new material will focus on civil law.

Reviewing our processes

Over the quarter, Legal Aid WA staff reviewed four business processes. Relevant staff participated in workshops to map processes as they are. Further workshops mapped processes as they should be. Legal Aid WA is rethinking and redesigning the way we work to improve work flows. Once all processes have been reviewed, we will be ready to reduce cycle times, provide better services to the public, and eliminate staff frustration.

New services announced

In November, the Commonwealth Government announced funding for new Legal Aid WA services. The Commonwealth will fund Legal Aid WA to ensure that victims of family violence are protected from direct cross-examination by the alleged perpetrator. This new service will reduce the trauma victims suffer from directly facing their perpetrator in court. The Commonwealth will also fund Legal Aid WA to provide family law property mediations through our dispute resolution service. This will allow more women to achieve fairer property settlements.

Financial performance

At the end of December 2018, Legal Aid WA was tracking $1.57 million ahead of the budget set by the Commission after adjusting for the expected receipt of both State and Commonwealth supplementary funding. 

Year-to-date December 2018

Commonwealth funding:  $16,054,566
State funding:  $26,360,000
Other income:  $2,335,222

Total revenue:  $44,749,788

Total expenditure:  $41,938,091

Surplus*: $2,811,697

* The operating surplus of $2,811,697 at 31 December 2018 is due to the receipt of State funding received 1 month in advance.

Note: these are management figures and have not been audited.

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