Freedom of Information application

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA), you have a right to be given access to documents held by Legal Aid WA, subject to some limitations.

Applications can also be made to amend personal information held by Legal Aid WA, if that information is inaccurate, incomplete, out-of-date or misleading.

You can only use the form below to apply for access to documents held by Legal Aid WA.

You are not required to use this form, but it may help you to make a valid Freedom of Information (FOI) application and provide additional information that may help Legal Aid WA better understand what documents you are seeking and deal with your application more effectively and efficiently.

Before you make an FOI application to Legal Aid WA, you are encouraged to first contact the Legal Aid WA office that was involved in creating the information and ask if you can be given a copy of the documents. Where appropriate, we will try to provide documents without needing you to make a formal FOI request.

If you are not given the documents you want, you can make a formal application under the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA).

Get help

Details about what information and documents we hold is available in Legal Aid WA's Information Statement

If you have questions about accessing documents or correcting your personal information, you can contact Legal Aid WA’s Freedom of Information Coordinator, by emailing (preferred) or calling (08) 9261 6260.  

Information about how to make Freedom of Information requests to other government agencies is available on our webpage about Privacy and Freedom of Information. 



Submit a Freedom of Information (FOI) application

Your Details


Is this your FOI application, or are you applying on behalf of someone else?
One file only.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, png, odf, pdf, doc, docx.

If you need one, you can download and complete a third party authority 


Type of application

Please select what type of application you are making
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Do you give permission for the personal information about third parties to be removed from the documents you want to access?

There is a $30 fee to apply to access non-personal information through Freedom of Information. This must be paid before we can process your application.

Payments can be made electronically to:

Account Name: Legal Aid WA
BSB: 066-040
Account: 1400 0033

or in cash at any Legal Aid WA office.

You can contact Legal Aid WA’s Freedom of Information Coordinator by calling our Perth switchboard on (08) 9261 6222 if you have questions about paying this fee.

Documents sought

You should only use this form to make requests about documents or information held by Legal Aid WA. We cannot provide or assist you with documents held by other government agencies or departments.
How would you like to access the documents?
Inspection of documents provided under a Freedom of Information request will take place at Legal Aid WA's Perth office at 32 St Georges Terrace PERTH.


The information displayed on this page is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. If you have a legal problem, you should see a lawyer. Legal Aid Western Australia aims to provide information that is accurate, however does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information provided on this page or incorporated into it by reference.