Employee benefits

Working for Legal Aid WA can be an exciting and rewarding experience. To help attract and retain outstanding staff, we provide salaries, leave entitlements and other benefits that reflect the experience and contribution of our employees.

Legal Aid WA offers employees salary packaging, access to support programs, flexible working arrangements and additional incentives for people willing to work in our regional offices.

Employee benefits

Healthy workplace

Staff are encouraged to maintain good health and active lifestyles. To support this Legal Aid WA provides its staff with a range of services including free confidential counselling sessions through our Employee Assistance Service provider and annual influenza vaccines.  A corporate gym membership is also available at the Perth office.

Excellent salary packaging scheme

Employees of Legal Aid WA may be able to salary package items including:

  • superannuation
  • leasing cars for private use (novated leasing)
  • home mortgage or rent payments
  • school fees
  • health and life insurance premiums
  • living expenses
  • venue/accommodation hire, and
  • meals and entertainment.

Salary packaging benefits are subject to relevant taxation legislation, rulings and determinations.

Work life balance

Flexible work arrangements including flexi time working, purchased and deferred leave arrangements are available for eligible staff. 

Family friendly work environment

A dedicated family room is located at the Perth Office.

Contemporary workspace

New and modern workspaces, including bicycle parking and well-appointed end of trip facilities, are available at the Perth office.

Competitive salary and leave terms

In accordance with the Government Officers Salary Allowances and Conditions Award 1989 and the Public Sector CSA Agreement 2021:

  • 37.5 hour working week, 4 weeks Annual Leave, 3 Public Service Holidays and 15 days Personal Leave per year (pro rata).
  • Employer superannuation contributions of 10% paid to the superannuation fund of your choice;
  • Annual leave loading paid in December of each year;
  • Options to purchase additional leave;
  • Options for flexible work arrangements, including working from home arrangements.
Regional allowances

Employees located in our regional offices may be able to access additional allowances and subsidies including:

  • subsidised housing
  • district allowance
  • additional annual leave
  • a free flight to Perth each year
  • air conditioning subsidy, and
  • relocation assistance.


Reviewed: 26 November 2021


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