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When Separating


Link to When Separating - Videos

The Videos have been professionally produced and are a combination of drama-driven vignettes and documentary-style features. Extensive research, consultation, script development, editing and production was required to create each of the videos.


Link to When Separating - Advice and Information

Advice + Information has been created to support the videos and provide a means for individuals to seek out further information and assistance services. As such, the information and links to other services are not exhaustive: they are intended as a useful starting guide for individuals seeking knowledge about issues related to separating

Link to When Separating - Support for Professionals

Please visit the Support for Professionals page to find out more information on the When Separating project and how your organisation can utilise this resource in helping separating families in Western Australia

When Separating: Family Law + Roads to Resolution is a tool to be used by you. Here you will find Videos about different subjects important to adults and children involved in a separation, whether of a marriage or a de facto relationship.  There are also written resources and further information in the Advice + Information pages.


The Videos have been extensively researched and professionally produced. Each video provides you with information, including what family dispute resolution and legal services are available to assist you. They show how you can do what's best for yourself and members of your family.


In the first three videos titled; Telling the childrenGetting help and advice and Planning for the future, we follow a family through various stages of separation.  The fourth video, Getting help if you or your family are at risk, shows an abusive relationship and the damage it causes.


The final three videos, Rural & regional families, Property & money and Resolving disputes, are all documentary-style videos in which a narrator discusses various matters which may be important to you.


                                                                                 "Because we all have families"