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Information for members

Information for members

Register of panel and list members 

Legal Aid WA maintains a Register of Members of Legal Aid WA panels and lists.

Obligations on members

As a member of a panel or list, you are subject to certain obligations and standards when you undertake matters funded by Legal Aid WA.

These are documented in the Professional Services Agreement (PSA) which you signed when applying to become a member, and the associated Private Practitioner Manual (Manual).  These apply as soon as you become a member of any panel or list.

The PSA is the central agreement between you and Legal Aid WA and governs your dealings with Legal Aid WA while you are undertaking legally aided matters. 

The Manual is a more detailed collection of standards and guidelines that applies alongside the PSA. It may be updated as internal systems and processes change and you will be notified when this happens. The current version will always be available on this page.  

If relevant, you must also comply with the Legal Aid WA Magistrates Court Duty Lawyer Protocol, which is referred to in the Manual and may be accessed here: Magistrates Court Duty Lawyer Protocol.

You may also wish to refer to the Criminal Law Matter Types when you are a member of a criminal law panel, to determine whether a practitioner you may wish to brief in a matter is a member of the relevant panel for that matter type. 

Audit and compliance

Every member of a panel or list may be audited by Legal Aid WA at any time. Each audit is conducted in accordance with Legal Aid WA's Audit and Compliance Policy.
General audit  and compliance enquiries may be directed to Kristen Ashton, Manager Professional  Standards and Compliance: 9261 6309 or or


Last reviewed: 27/02/2017 

Last modified: 27/02/2017 12:26 PM


The information displayed on this page is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. If you have a legal problem, you should see a lawyer. Legal Aid Western Australia aims to provide information that is accurate, however does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information provided on this page or incorporated into it by reference.