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Police and security officers

Police and security officers


Police powers to arrest and detain 

Police can arrest you under the authority of a warrant. They also have wide powers to arrest you without a warrant. They can detain you while they conduct searches and while they question you.  More..


Answering questions from the police

Generally you do not have to answer police questions unless you choose to, but there are some questions that you do have to answer.  More...


Police powers to search

Police have wide powers to search you, your property, your premises or your vehicle, with or without a warrant. More...


DNA samples and identifying information

You may be required to provide a DNA sample or other identifying information to police in certain circumstances. More...


Powers of security guards and bouncers

Security guards and bouncers have no greater powers than an ordinary citizen.  More...



Powers of railway police 

Railway police officers have similar powers to police officers.  More...


Last reviewed: 17/06/2013

Last modified: 31/03/2015 10:41 AM


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