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Children - travel, relocation, abduction and recovery

Children - travel, relocation, abduction and recovery

Can a parent move away if the other parent does not agree to the move? What to do if your child has been taken to another State or Country without your consent. Information about children’s passports. 


Relocation - moving away with children

You may need to get the other parent’s agreement or an order from the Family Court before moving with your child if the move would impact on the time the other parent can spend with the child.  More...


Abduction of children

There are mechanisms that can be put in place to prevent a parent leaving the state or country without the other parent’s permission. Australia is also party to the Hague Convention and other international agreements for the return of children who have been taken from the country where they usually live.  More... 


Children's passports

In most cases the permission of both parents is required to obtain a passport for a child. There are things you can do to prevent someone obtaining a passport for your child without your consent.  More... 


Recovery orders

 A recovery order is an order from the Family Court for the return of a child to a person they are supposed to be living or spending time with.  More...


Last reviewed: 30/10/2012

Last modified: 31/03/2015 10:42 AM


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