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FVROs and VROs

FVROs and VROs

Family violence restraining orders

If you need protection from violence, or threats of violence, against you by a family member you can apply for a family violence restraining order. It tells the offender to stay away from you and/or to stop behaving in certain ways towards you. More ... 




Restraining orders - court process

What happens when you apply for a restraining order ? What happens at court? Is the process application the same in all applications? More...

Violence restraining orders - information

A violence restraining order (VRO) is a court order designed to stop future acts of personal violence by one person against another person they are not in a family relationship with. More ...

Responding to a restraining order application

If you have received an interim restraining order or a summons for a restraining order what can you do? More ... 





Restraining orders - varying, cancelling, extending or appealing

If you want to change, cancel, extend or appeal a restraining order this information may assist you. It also covers registering an interstate equivalent of a restraining order. More ... 


Undertakings in restraining order matters

If you are thinking about resolving your restraining order matter through use of an undertaking this information may assist you. More ...



Last reviewed: 29/06/2017
Last modified: 29/06/2017 12:19 PM


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