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Violence - family, personal and other

Violence - family, personal and other


Family violence support services

Family violence can include physical and sexual violence, threats of violence, stalking, emotional abuse and damage to property. If you are experiencing family violence this information about support services may help you. More...



FVROs and VROs

If you need protection from violence, or threats of violence, against you by a family member you can apply for a family violence restraining order (FVRO). A violence restraining order (VRO) is a court order designed to stop future acts of personal violence by one person against another person they are not in a family relationship with. More...


Police orders - information

What help can the police give me if I am experiencing family violence? What is a police order? More ...


Misconduct restraining orders

A misconduct restraining order (MRO) is designed to stop a person behaving in a way that is intimidating or offensive towards you. This information includes who can apply for a MRO and what happens at court.  More...


Family violence and family law

Generally if you have experienced family violence or there is a risk of family violence, you would fall into one of the exceptions and would not need to go to family dispute resolution and get a certificate before you can start a case for parenting orders.

Reporting violence: information for lesbians, gay men and gender diverse people

Lesbians, gay men and gender diverse people may not report violence to the police or other organisations for many reasons. This information aims to address some of these issues. More ...

Immigration status and family violence

The Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth) have special rules about family violence and how it can affect applications for permanent residency. How is family violence defined in this situation? More...







Last reviewed: 23/06/2017

Last modified: 7/07/2017 9:03 AM


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