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Matters after death

Matters after death




Do I need a will? What makes a valid will?  Can I change my will? Does divorce or marriage affect my will? More ...





Dying without a will

What happens to my property if I die without a will?  What is probate? What are letters of administration? More ...

Duties of executors

What is an executor? What is an executor meant to do?  More ...


After death: autopsies, burial, cremation

What is an autopsy or post mortem? Who can decide whether someone can be buried?  More ...


Challenging an unfair will

If you are a dependant of someone who has died and have not received a fair share of the deceased's property under the will or under the Administration Act 1903 (WA), you may be able to challenge it.  More ...


Last reviewed: 13/11/2015

Last modified: 13/11/2015 3:48 PM


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