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 When Separating - Advice & Information








When Separating Videos

Family separation can be challenging for everyone and staying focused on the best interests of your children during this difficult time can be hard to do. Below is a group of various resources that can assist you in helping your children through this transition into a new family structure. 



What about the children? - Parenting information What about the Children?

This booklet produced by Relationships Australia covers issues that parents need to be aware of when considering their children's needs during the separation process.


Because its for the Kids Because it's for the Kids

Because it's for the kids is a booklet produced by Family Relationships Online that offers support, ideas and wisdom to parents who have separated about helping children through their separation issues. 

Raising Children Network Parenting after separation

The Parenting after separation webpage, which is part of the Raising Children Network of Australia, provides information to parents about being a successful sole parent.

Me and my kids Me and my Kids 

This book produced by the Child Support Agency has been created for separated parents who spend much of their time away from their children.

Parenting WA Line Parenting WA Line

Ph: 08 6279 1200

Free call STD: 1800 654 432

The Parenting WA Line is a telephone information and support service that deals with issues on parenting from pre-birth to 18 years old.



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