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Community services

Community Legal Centres (CLCs)

CLCs are community based non profit organisations that provide legal and welfare services to low income and disadvantaged people. The contact details for Western Australian CLCs can be found here. More...



Citizens Advice Bureau WA (CABWA)

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is a community based organisation with branches located throughout Western Australia. Each branch provides a range of services to the public, including legal and non legal information and referrals. A directory of CAB offices in Western Australia can be found here. More...

Law Society of Western Australia

Find out how the Law Society can help members of the public. More...


Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (FVPLS)

The Family Violence Prevention Legal Services provide legal and counselling assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who are victims of family violence and/or sexual assault. The contact details for the FVPLS in Western Australia can be found here. More...

Last reviewed: 04/04/2013
Last Modified: 11/03/2014


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