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Most legal inquiries made to Legal Aid WA from women involve family law issues and domestic or family violence. The  Information about the law section of the Legal Aid WA website, has specific information about Family relationships and children and Violence - family, domestic and other that may be helpful to you. For more information, contact the Legal Aid WA InfoLine on 1300 650 579.  

Further legal and community services providing information for women are listed below. These services are not Legal Aid WA services. Legal Aid WA expressly disclaims any liability and responsibility for the advice and information provided by non Legal Aid WA services and advises there may be other organisations able to provide you with advice and information that are not included on this website.

Community services

Women's Electoral Lobby Australia Inc aims to influence power holders to help improve the position of women in society. They focus on issues and policies that most affect women, such as childcare, women’s education, reproductive rights and violence against women. For more information, contact Women's Electoral Lobby Australia Inc by e-mail at info@wel.org.au

Women's Health Services  provides a range of health related services for women and their families including medical and clinical services, counselling, information and referrals. Creche facilities and interpreting services are available. For more information, contact Women's Health Services on (08) 9227 8122 or 1800 998 399.

Women's Law Centre of WA (Inc) provides legal assistance for family law related matters  to women living in Western Australia. They have an outreach service to women in Bandyup and Boronia prisons and provide a remote outreach service to Fitzroy Crossing and Warburton communities. They have a part time social worker that specialises in domestic violence safety planning and counselling. For more information, contact Women's Law Centre on (08) 9272 8800 or 1800 625 122.

Government Web Sites 

Family and Domestic Violence Unit website provides practical information for people experiencing family and domestic violence and for people supporting victims of abuse. For more information, contact the Family and Domestic Violence Unit on (08) 9222 2555 or 1800 622 258.

Office for Women has a statewide, confidential women's Information and Referral Telephone Service. They produce a Women's Service Directory that contains information about services for women. For more information or to request a hard copy of the Women's Service Directory, contact the Office for Women on (08) 6217 8230 or 1800 199 174.


Last reviewed: 10/09/2010

Last Modified: 03/12/2012


The material displayed on this page is intended for information only. If you have a legal problem, you should see a lawyer. Legal Aid Western Australia believes that the information provided is accurate, however does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions.